Your small contribution will support us to feed family members & caregivers of underprivileged patients in the hospital.

Join us for Special Diwali Food Drive

Double the joy of this Diwali by feeding the poor patients and their caregivers along with the team of Uday Foundation. Your small contribution towards this cause will not only give you immense satisfaction but will also connect you with our culture where donating food, water etc is termed to be a very noble gesture.

Please join us for food drive on any of following dates :-

4th October, 2017
6th October, 2017
7th October, 2017
11th October, 2017
13th October, 2017
14th October, 2017
18th October, 2017
14th October, 2017
18th October, 2017
20th October, 2017
21th October, 2017
25th October, 2017
27th October, 2017
28th October, 2017

Please speak to Ms. Reena Sen at 9599535450 for details or ways to help.

Financial Assistance Details:

For Online Transfers: NEFT Details

  • Bank name: HDFC Bank
  • Branch: Adchini, New Delhi 110017
  • Type: SavingsA/c No. 03361450000251
  •  IFSC Code HDFC0004397

Donate through Cheque

  • Cheques can be made in favour of "UDAY FOUNDATION FOR CDRBG TRUST"
  • Please send the same at Uday Foundation,113A/1, (Near Govardhan Resturant), Adhchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017 Phone: 011-26561333/444

Donations to Uday Foundation are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Please share the details after you have made the donation to [email protected], along with your complete address and PAN card no, enabling us to send 80G tax exemption receipt of the same.

We all wish we could do more to support underprivileged serious patients facing challenges and their caregivers, beyond our prayers.

Sometimes, the family members of serious patients do not have time to look after themselves, not even have the time to have food, which is the basic necessity as they are always around taking care of their close ones.

Majority of the underprivileged patients admitted in Government hospitals are those who come from nearby states are often poor, in several cases family members decide to stay hungry to save money.

Uday Foundation serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from a far-off places to the Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments.

At present we are sending food twice a week to the patients outside AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital. With support of our volunteers and friends, we hope we shall be able to send food every day to these needy people.

You can also join our team during food distribution drive.

Your old newspapers can support us to feed family members & caregivers of underprivileged patients in the hospital.

Next time you plan to sell off old newspapers, make an effort and stop by at our office to donate them. We at Uday Foundation will sell them to paper manufacturers and the money gained in return will go to the Food Donation Drive organized for caregivers of patients battling for their lives in AIIMS, New Delhi. This food drive is organized twice a week and caters to approximately 1000 people in a day. On an average,a plate of food costs Rs. 15 which can be earned by selling 1.5 kg of newspapers only. Isn’t it wonderful how much of a difference we all can make in somebody’s lives by a simple act of generosity.

Food donation vehicle carries a ray of hope for the patients and their families during their toughest times. The brain behind this noble cause Rahul Verma says “I know what people go through when your loved one is admitted in a hospital. The least we can do is providing food to the caregivers that can give them strength to sail through difficult times.”

So come, lend a helping hand for our fellow human beings. Not everybody gets an opportunity to GIVE. You have the privilege to do so.

If you still have doubts, remember these words by the father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi –

Story of Uday Foundation

Our Founder, Rahul Verma speaks to RJ Richa Anirudh in Big Heroes (Big FM 92.7) about our journey and how you can help us.

Stories of Impact

Spend few minutes to watch youtube videos of small stories of impact Uday Foundation has created since inception.

To a man with an empty stomach food is God.Mahatma Gandhi

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